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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RX-0 Unicorn - Destroy Mode Gallery

(For more Unicorn Gundam goodness you can view galleries of the Gatlings, Bazooka, and Rifle.)

Well, here it is. The 'Destroy Mode' gallery. And with this I can properly end this chapter in my gunpla life. And not a moment too soon, I must add. Transforming this guy and then trying to get him to stay that way while I posed him was a chore. The clasp at the back that is supposed to keep the torso in destroy mode won't stay closed which meant he would often become wobbly and lean forward. His shoulders would start to close, his arms would pop off, his feet wouldn't stay open. Add to that the problems I encountered with the camera set-up at work -couldn't get the lighting right- and I am admittedly quite happy to be done with this.

In this shot you can see what I did to the rear center block on the skirt. I like it.

Here the 'Gray Ghost' poses with his nemesis, the "Yellowbird" (I still love this thing!)

I don't intend to keep him in Destroy Mode, but I may display him in a hybrid sorta way for the next little while.
So long Unicorn!


  1. wah! pretty nice, huh?! Man! for that ecopla, you let it 'dying' slowly? Better give it to me. Since I want mod it into Proto Gundam. If you want....I'm just asking ^_^

  2. great job! i like the camera angles

  3. That thing looks soo good. TBH, I never thought that the green would fit the overall colorscheme, but it seems that I was wrong.

  4. Good job man! Nice paint work. Your version of the Unicorn Gundam contrast well with your Yellowbird.

  5. What's with the weird white balance and high ISO (noise)? It ruins this gallery, IMHO :(

  6. Awesome work! love all the little details :)

  7. @mangyver5223: My daughter has decided that the eco gunpla is hers. If I gave it away she would be mighty angry indeed.

    @buster: You like the camera angles? Hmm. I think I build a decent gunpla, and can handle myself around a decal sheet, but when it comes to posing and photographing these things I feel I have much to be desired. Glad to hear you like it, though.

    @J_Adrian: The green does work! I knew it all along. (that's not true, btw. I had my doubts as well.)

    @G.G.: Thanks for the kind words! I wanted the Unicorn to contrast yet go well with the Yellowbird.

    @igro: I agree with you. I have a policy not to touch anything in the photo booth at work. I just point and shoot. However, the photos all came out really dark and I had to use the computer make them useable. I don't like the results either, but due to the difficulty getting this guy to stay transformed and standing up, I basically gave up. However, I just noticed in these shots that I haven't opened the front skirt part for destroy mode. I may go back in and take some proper, better shots.

    @bloggermathai: Thanks! I am glad that the little details worked well without being too noticeable as a little detail. ;)

  8. Thanks for clarification, GaiGun :) It's not that I don't like these photos (on the contrary, they high noise and rather dark colours make it seem like they were taken by a spy/in secret ;o), but I'd like to see some "clear" photos to appreciate all the minute details I'm sure you've sprinkled this suit with :D

  9. Outstanding Gaijin-san. Just wish the forum was up so you could update the GB thread. It's down for about a week unfortunately. I'll have to look at my hosting options I think. My UC now has a coat of primer and is ready for disassembly, so you won't be alone in your completion for too long ^^

  10. That's some amazing work, love your colour choices! Are those boosters metal?

  11. @igro: I'll see what I can do. Being less than satisfied myself I would like to see some better shots as well.

    @Tonzo: I've noticed that the GAF is down. I joined the Facebook group to keep up with the more current events. I look forward to seeing your UC. I look forward to seeing anyone's UC. I really have come to like this kit a lot!

    @James: Thanks for the kind words. The boosters (8 of them) are metal. I painted the inside of the inner thruster with Tamiya clear blue to match more with the Psycho Frame color.


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