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Monday, May 17, 2010

Unicorn Rifle


  1. That thing looks smexy! Which paints did you use?

  2. Well... No surprises there. Predictably it is a master stroke. You've gotta stop setting the bar so high for yourself! ;)

  3. let the pics do the talking. i like that

  4. Nice work on the beam rifle. I can imagine all the hard work to get in all these details.

  5. @igro: Thanks! I used Tamiya TS-48 Gunship Grey and the blue is TS-50 Blue Mica.

    @Tonzo: Master Stroke? I think the photography makes it look better than it is.

    @Buster: Well, you know me, I'm a soft-spoken guy.

    @Syful: That made me laugh. thanks!

    @G.G.: The most time consuming part was putting the white hexagon on each piece of ammo cartridge. I had to cut them out individually, because the Wave decal sheet has them as part of one long string.


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