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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! Get busy!

So it was my birthday yesterday. I turned __ years old, however with everything that has happened in the past year, it may be more appropriate to say 'I turned old'.

And what did I do on my birthday? Well, first I woke up early to join the community association people to weed the local shrine. Yup, me and a group of geriatrics sure showed those weeds a thing or two.

After that...

I cleaned my room.

The wife has been on me to clean up 'my room' for some time, and you can see why.

This is where the magic happens. However, I misplaced the magic somewhere and haven't been able to find it since. Okay, I guess she has a point. This time...

So I started on the most important part first; My gunpla work table.

This pictures doesn't show the scope of the work I had cut out for myself. There were some interesting things amid the jumble of gunpla tools and supplies on this table. For example:

This came with the MG GM Ver 2.0 that I picked up some time ago. What do I do with it?

Here are some various 限定 items that come with 500ml teas and things. Ebay here we come!

Oh yeah. My Zaku Cannon. I still intend to build this guy. In fact, I have been itching for some Zeon action recently, after building mostly 'good guys' for the last little while. Once the Musha MKII is finished (when will that be?) I will jump all
over this kit like Oprah on a baked ham.

Some other discoveries:

Receipts for the money orders I sent off to Bandai when I needed parts for myself or fellow gunplars. Why do I keep these?

Old, used, and dirty sandpaper. I thought I threw these away...

After a fair bit of digging I discovered a grisly scene.

Buried beneath rubble was this HGUC Eco Gundam. Judging from his position, his death must have slow and painful. Let's have a moment of silence.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom and tales of woe. I found these cool things!

Some time ago I received an envelope from Australia. The good sir at the Gundam Australia Forum sent me a care package consisting of what you see here. Some nameplates to go with my custom Sinanju, a sanding stick (already put to good use!), a Gundam Australia laminated mini poster (which may end up on my cubicle wall at work) and Gundam stickers! Aw yeah! The Gunplar community is strong.

After a couple hours of organizing, reshuffling, discarding, prioritizing, net-surfing (ssshhh.), and things that could be considered housework, I arrived at this point.

The Corner:

Before & after:

The Desk:

Before & after:

The Shelves (they're behind the table):

Before & after:

And this:

became this:

The magic has returned, baby!


  1. What?! You wanna make that Eco Gundam died slowly?.....Better give to me since I wanna to make it into Prototype Gundam colour scheme....If you willing to give without any terms and conditions XD

  2. Happy birthday to you!!

  3. Otanjyoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!!

    Well if you "turned old" I must be turning old as well... ^^

    Great work on the clean up. Did you get a renewed vigour and refreshed outlook from doing it?

    I would be honoured to have our laminate grace the hallowed wall of a cubicle at HLJ :D

    Hope you had a good birthday mate. Best wishes.

  4. This is a nice post. I love seeing how other people's workstation looks like, especially the last shot where the desk is ready for your next project. Looking at the instruction manual on a clean desk, makes me hype up to get my next model kit started.

    btw, thanks for responding to my email. I am sure I will seek more of your expertise soon.


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