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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Victory Duo Gallery #1

Here they are. The Victory Gundam Duo Project is complete! Be sure to check out ASM's shots on his blog and learn how he was able to put out such a beautiful model.

The Victory Gundam Ver Ka turned out to be a pretty fun kit. Because of the transformation gimmicks, the painting, and the decals I lost my train of thought on how I expected the kit to turn out. I am glad to say that it turned out better than I expected.

Check out the pics and let me know if you agree.

Unfortunately, due to the transformation gimmick this kit is actually less posable than other Master Grade kits. Because of this, I didn't want to risk posing ASM's Victory in a way that would risk it falling over or having a decal come off. They look badass, nonetheless.


  1. kinda knew what color u were going to use lol but nonetheless its good same with ASM's colour scheme i love it

  2. Yes they are very complimentary to each other right JAS1?

    The level of detail and precision is very high on what are essentially ramped up HG's. I can now see the pain you guys went through with the decals. Holy shi...

    You know what? I can't pick a favourite. These two are meant to be a duo.

    Most detailed core fighters I've ever seen. One question: Weapons? I'm guessing they're coming in gallery 2...

  3. This is a nice duo. The amount of decal used is horendous. But most importantly I love the paint job.

    The core fighter is indeed very detailed too.

  4. yeah you guys went all out on this one. after looking at it all decaled up i think i would have went with a style similar to yours gaigun but in red, just to work with the decals. i like your colour scheme a bit better than ASM's largely because of the feet (although orange was quite a bold choice! it works!). I'm biased towards black feet. all my models have black feet now. just my thing i guess. still though you guys both did a magnificient job on this. love the photos! wow. nice camera, lighting and background work.

  5. @Asian1skill: You knew? Was it that obvious?

    @Tonzo: I am with ya. I think the do compliment each other. The interesting thing is we didn't really talk much about our paint colours and didn't now they would look this good together. Everything works with orange! You will see some weapons soon, don't worry.

    @G.G.: The amount of decals is horrendous, indeed. I actually left off about 4 decals on each core fighter because i didn't think they looked very good. ASM put his on though (but didn't put decals on the 'clamps').

    @Busterbeam: I had thought about adding some red to the kit just to match the decals but after I started putting them on I thought that wasn't necessary. Also.. my feet are lavendar! Lavendar, dammit. I admit, it's difficult to tell from the photos, though.

  6. this v gundam like kyrios and dynames based on their colour. man, when the 00 movie released. if you watch it in cinema, can u give a synopsis about what happened in this movie and why they(celestial Being) go to jupiter.

  7. they both look realy good yours looks a bit taller

  8. Hi Henri,

    Because of the transformation gimmick there is a little bit of play in the knee joints. My kit was slightly taller when these pictures were taken because I hadn't fully transformed it into the robot mode. Good eye.


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