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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Astray CRIMSON Frame Gallery 1

So here it is! Astray CRIMSON Frame! (Check out the Astray with its Tactical Arms II in the second gallery.)

The Crimson colour was accomplished by painting semi-gloss black over the original red frame and then misting Mica Red overtop of that. The Tactical Arms II L is still under construction but should be ready this weekend. I have left decals and panel lines to a minimum. I think I am developing my own style in this regard as I think that panel lining everything is too much, and, especially on the Astray where the frame is very important, over-decaling can take away from the effect you are trying to achieve.

Now let's look at some details...
Here you can see the Mica Silver vents and pistons. I have intentionally left off the side armour part because.. well.. I love pistons! (Don't tell Freud.)

I didn't do anything special to achieve this effect on the circles on the frame. It just happened on its own. But it's hot!
The effect on the saya was done by just painting semi-gloss black over the original red. Simple, fast, and fun!
One dry transfer decal. The stripes on the other leg are leftover Wave from my Sinanju project.
(Lots) more pics to come when the backpack of death is finished.


  1. You are getting GOOD... thats all I got to say.

    I really like the misty mica red over the semi gloss black... is a wonderful combo, I just keep staring at it knowing that I will rip this idea from you soon.

  2. Dude that's marvellous. The use of dark colours around the midriff totally changes the proportion of the MS. It's almost EVAesque now. Bad. Ass.

  3. whoa! thats a sweet color scheme you have here! Cant wait to see the weapons systems as well.

  4. damn looks nice love the paint job cant wait to see da backpack/tactical arms

  5. @GG: Thanks for the compliment. You have an airbrush so I am really interested how yours will turn out using the same method.

    @tonzo: It does look EVAesque, ne. I hadn't noticed it until now.

    @bloggermathai/Asian1skill: The Tactical arms is put together and looking pretty good. I still have to slap a few decals on there. Should be taking pics of it on monday.

    @mangyver5223: It's crimson! Crimson, I say. Well, my original plan was a crimson look so I will call it that regardless of if the shade is correct or not.


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