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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sinanju Gallery 2

Check out Gallery #1 and Gallery #3 and the Marking Guide to see more of how the Yellowbird came together. You can see more of the Bazooka and Rifle as well!

The second part of the Sinanju Gallery showing the mecha under a 'cool' light setting. I tried to take some shots of the smaller details in this setting.


  1. I've got to say... I more I look at it. The more I like it. The custom color reminds me of the first time I saw the orange colored Gouf Ignited (piloted by the awesome Heine Westenfluss, whom had died to soon). Totally cool.

    Awaiting your custom decal post!

    And whats your next project gonna be?

  2. OH I forgot to say that I also like how you twisted around the leg thrusters in a couple of your pics. That looks awesome!

  3. those leg thrusters are completely amazing... much like my ex-wife, I think it looks better from behind.

  4. The more I look, the mmore I am impressed by the precision of the details. Spotting more decals each time, always symmetrical too.

    I too look forward to seeing you write a little about your decal process, and also what you do next.

    Fantastic pics once again. That must be an awesome setup they have. The colour difference is noticable right? I preferred the hue under the warm setup but I feel the details look better under the cool.


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