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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sinanju Gallery 3

After taking a bunch of shots and somehow losing half of them, here is my Gallery #3. This is it folks! (anyone sick of the sinanju, yet?)


  1. nice bazooka shield in the air pose!

  2. Seconded. This is testament to the engineering of this kit that it can hold both of those weapons unassisted and still stand up.

  3. All the difference in lighting setup really gives each photo set its own unique view. I like it.

    I remembered that you had a Sinanju base stand, will you be using those decals on the stand?

  4. buster and tonzo: I agree the kit is done well. The weight of the backpack can makes some posing difficult but for the most part it holds together well

    G.G.: The stand you see is the Sinanju stand. I haven't decided if I will stick any of the stickers on it. I originally thought that I would leave it as is and take pictures against a black backdrop so it looked like Sinanju was flying away from a launchpad or surface of some type.


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