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Monday, October 26, 2009

Integrated Weapons Striker Pack

Test built the pack this evening with it taking just over an hour. I really had no interest in this part of the kit but it turns out that the build was a lot of fun. Lots of moving parts and big wings. It's a mecha dream, come true (maybe). I haven't bothered to take care of the nubs or anything like that yet and I still haven't figured out the colour scheme I will use for it, so it went back into the box until I am ready to deal with it again.

I built the shield a few days ago. I have a mod in mind that I will try and then I will start to give it the damage look and paint it.

And the 内部 frame has been painted. Once the weather gets better I will start painting the armour and then it's dry-brushing time.
Til next time...


  1. looks good and im looking forward to see the mods. good luck.

  2. nice get XD.. ur very fast.. me building HG takes forever lol.. cant wait till it finished ^^

  3. Gaijin:

    Hey! First off, really nice work on the kits. In fact, I find your work so nice that I'd like to request your permission to use photos of some of your model kits in a presentation I'm giving on building Gundam Model Kits. Would that be alright?

    Please let me know,

    Jonathan McNamara

  4. I get what you mean about the IWSP pack. It's a nice looking bit of gear. Looking forward to your colour scheme. Can't help but wonder if it will be as bold and dramatic as the last one.... ;)


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