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Friday, March 19, 2010

Victory Duo Gallery #2

Here are the boys with their weapons. Unfortunately, due to lack of posability and the fact that the rifle comes apart incredibly easily there are not a large variety of shots. They look awesome nonetheless. Be sure to check out ASM's blogs for more shots of these guys.

The next post on the Victory Duo will feature my lone V Gundam and a project review writeup. It may be lengthy. Bring beer.


  1. Niiice! your Gundam's paint scheme reminds me of Voltron somehow.

  2. Great kit and great job both of you

  3. this v gundam like kyrios and dynames based on their colour. man, when the 00 movie released. if you watch it in cinema, can u give a synopsis about what happened in this movie and why they(celestial Being) go to jupiter.

  4. @bloggermathai: It reminds you of Voltron? I never thought about that. I will have to have a look at Voltron to refresh my memory.

    @otakuman1523: Thanks for the high praise!

    @mangyver5223: I have no plans presently to go see that movie but if I do, or I know someone who does, I will try to get that info for you.


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