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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Victory Gundam Ver. KA decals

As you know, this is a version Katoki kit. Which means that anyone who builds this will suffer through the well-known japanese torture method known as Version Katoki Decals. This method is designed to cause dizziness, cross-eyes from staring at things so small you should be using a magnifying glass, parched mouth, from sticking your tongue out in concentration, and pain in the extremities, from holding your tweezers in the grip of death because if you drop one of these decals there is no way you are finding it again. Usually the decal guide on an MG kit is one page. Well not this tiny Katoki MG! Check this out!
There are so many decals that it shows you how to apply them using diagrams of the mech in different forms. That's right! There's not enough space in the booklet to do the normal front/side/back diagrams.

Ever wonder what these tiny decals actually say? Me too! That's why I got out my 100 zoom power microscope and had a look. Thanks to my handy diagrams, you can see for yourself, too!

I had completed about half of the decal work when there was a little.. um.. accident. I usually place my decal trays on the stairs when I am not using them so the daughter can't get at them, however this time my wife knocked them over as she descended with a large load of laundry. The decal setter lid wasn't on tight enough and it leaked over my yet-unused decals causing ruin and destruction. Luckily I was able to pick up another set yesterday and continue on. I shall be finished in another two days (I hope).


  1. damn dat happen to me once except it wasnt decal setter it was the one to get rid of seam lines and screwed me over wasted like over 3/4 of a bottle. really sucks

  2. I think we need ver. GaiGun decals for the 1/48 RX-78 so people can read these proper.

  3. Oh man...luckily you are in Japan and can get another decal set rather easily.

    LOL at the decal words.

  4. Wow, that is quite the collection of decals.

  5. I am glad people could take some enjoyment from my interpretation of the Katoki decals. I think I now have enough leftover katoki decals to do an entire kit. I mean, an ENTIRE kit with those stupid little circles.

    I hadn't thought of making my own, but perhaps I could commission Samuel Decal to do something for me. The "O sucker!" would be worth the price alone!

    This morning I applied the decals on one side of both corefighters and the front of the leg and now only have the other side of both corefighters and some odds and ends remaining. I am to finish tomorrow and if this snow goes away spray some topcoat.

  6. holy crap, that's a lot of decals..

  7. O_O;;; ZOMG
    WTF? decal hell that's mpore than sinanju and unicorn in term of size and ammount


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