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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unicorn Bazooka


  1. Yuuummmmy - the ammo cartridge adds some nice detail to this piece - great job! :)

  2. anticipation levels: rising.

  3. You have become really good at painting & detailing the weapons. Honestly I don't usually see these type of amazing work among most of the gundam bloggers.

    The mixed between the silver & black near the barrel is so nice!

  4. Nice job! on the bazooka and the rifle. I cant wait to see the whole thing now... stop teasing us! :P

  5. I like the shot that illustrates the aurora sticker on the scope. The cartridge is a bit out of character for you but I imagine it will look great on the Unicorn itself.

  6. @igro: I was trying to make the ammo cartridge stand out as a detachable piece, hence the drastic colour difference. It turned out not horrible. yay!

    @G.G.: thanks for those kind words. For some reason, working on the weapons appeals to me. I know many people suffer weapon burn out and I don't blame them for it.

    @bloggermathai: The whole thing should be revealed soon. Just a few.. more.. decals..

    @Tonzo: Out of character? I didn't know I had a character ;) The blue is the same color as the ammo cartridges for the rifle. I was aiming for a 'pair-look'.


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