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Friday, May 21, 2010

G, why not?

Neo Japan Mobile Fighter GF13-017NJII G Gundam!

I haven't been one to build the HG kits despite being around them constantly at work. I mostly enjoy the engineering of the Master Grade line and have stuck with that despite promptings from fellow Gunplars that I am missing out. I have an HG Hazel Custom buried somewhere in my work room that I was supposed to build alongside ASM and Buster of Plamo Addiction but that hasn't panned out yet.

While writing the item description for this kit I had a look through the manual and glanced at the runners and, well, it started to grow on me. Maybe because it looks F91-ish. Would that be F91っぽい?

So I'll tinker around with this when I get too frustrated with my Unicorn feet and before I start on the monster project that is going to be the Musha MKII.

Wish me luck.


  1. I too have a Hazel custom in my 'pending list' but let me tell you something, the new HGUC models are quite articulate and almost at par with MG when it comes to complexity. :)

    I've been bogged down with work recently but I hope I get time to work on that Hazel soon :)

  2. yea, it started to look delicious on my point of view...

  3. WOW.....looking at boxart really fantastic. did u planned to get HGUC ZZ?


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