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Monday, October 26, 2009

Integrated Weapons Striker Pack

Test built the pack this evening with it taking just over an hour. I really had no interest in this part of the kit but it turns out that the build was a lot of fun. Lots of moving parts and big wings. It's a mecha dream, come true (maybe). I haven't bothered to take care of the nubs or anything like that yet and I still haven't figured out the colour scheme I will use for it, so it went back into the box until I am ready to deal with it again.

I built the shield a few days ago. I have a mod in mind that I will try and then I will start to give it the damage look and paint it.

And the 内部 frame has been painted. Once the weather gets better I will start painting the armour and then it's dry-brushing time.
Til next time...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's autumn, and the leaves are changing colour, and

I am starting a whole new Gunpla project!

Summer was spent on the Sinanju and I must admit it feels very good to be working on something else. What will I be spending the coming weeks building?

The MG Lucas Strike + I.W.S.P. (Integrated Weapon System Pack).
He's supposed to look something like this:
I plan on dirtying him up a bit. Give him a well-used and battle-hardened look. This will involve my first attempts at damage and dry-brushing techniques.

The build looks to be much simpler than the Sinanju. In fact, I have already test-built it.


This kit comes with three sets of hands, which is a first for any MG kit I have assembled. Although the movement of the hands and fingers is extremely limited. Nevertheless, he comes with two swords, three guns, two pistols, a gatling gun, and some kind of whip that extends from his palms. Oh, and the two whatever guns that are on the I.W.S.P. He comes packing.

There are a couple places on this mecha that I am not fond of and am debating whether to do something about.
You can see the yellow V-fin is visible below the white V-fin. I haven't decided, yet, if this is something that bothers me enough to 'modify' it. I could trim that lower portion away so it is not visible. I could also paint it the same colour as the white V-fin. Or both!

Speaking of paint:
I picked up some Mr. Colour Light Gray and some Tamiya TS-64 Dark Blue Mica (where have I seen that before?). I also have alot of other colours left over and want to use some of them up on this build as they are starting to clutter.

I don't really expect this build to take long, which is a good thing because I have another four MG's and one HGUC waiting for me.

More updates soon.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sinanju Gallery 3

After taking a bunch of shots and somehow losing half of them, here is my Gallery #3. This is it folks! (anyone sick of the sinanju, yet?)