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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a gun!

It's a very sleek looking gun!

I am hopping back and forth between the frame and the gun and the final detailing and painting of both. Apparently, I am really reluctant to move onto the armour. All things in their time, I suppose. Last night, not having much time I opted to apply the waterslides to the rifle and finish it once and for all. Here are the results. I think it turned out really well after all that effort I spent masking and painting.

Now to finish that frame!


  1. Damn fine riflemanship lieutenant!

    Really, it's very nicely done. Highlights in just the right places without being overdone. Those aurora stickers came up a treat!

  2. easily some of the best work i've seen a rifle to date. excellent work. i can tell that it took a lot of time to get this look. well executed.

  3. Nice work! Pretty detailed. I like that green scope lens.


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