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Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's huge!

That's what she said. (A woman standing next to me at Shiokaze park looking at the Giant Gundam.)

I am away for the next couple of weeks and this may be the last chance for me to see this thing so I headed down there saturday afternoon. It is really impressive! I will post a few pictures to add to the massive collection that now appears on the net, mostly just to prove I was there.

I spent most of my time there in line to buy the merchandise. Unfortunately, they were limiting people to only 1 piece of the 30th anniversary Green Project kit each so I couldn't pick up any extra. But if one of you readers is interested in the one I got let me know. I don't see myself having free time to build this thing anytime soon.
Now.. back to Sinanju!

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  1. So they are imposing a limit now? Not suprising since they need the stock to last the entire two months of the event.

    I was there first day though, and I saw people buying 5+ of all the kits. Can't talk myself though taking home 4 kits as well.


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