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Monday, March 15, 2010

Astray CRIMSON Frame w/ Tactical Arms II L Gallery


  1. Great stuff Gaigun. As usual it's very difficult to fault your work. I can't imagine how devestating you'd be with an AB.

    The two tone crimson works beautifully and is much more distinguishable now in the booth. Epic pics as always.

    I note with interest that the Tactical arms does not seem to totally overbalance the suit when it's mounted to the back.

  2. looks really good but did my eye spotted a piece not done ?
    looks as if the tactical arms has a piece wich is rather bright red?

    next to that its awesome

  3. what is the function of tactical arms in this frame? same like Blue frame or it functions like a bow?

  4. man, it seems this Gunpla looks nice after being sprayed.I salute you because ur skill in painting job....

  5. @Tonzo: Thanks for the kind words. I don't know if an Airbrush is going to happen anytime in the near future. The Tactical arms actually sits pretty well on the back of the astray. I do have it attached to the stand on my desk just to prevent it from toppling over.

    @marc: You did spot the unpainted pieces! I was hoping they would go unnoticed. I originally thought that they would be covered by another piece but that didn't turn out to be the case.

    @mangyver5223: The tactical arms seems to be a backpack that can change into weapon forms. It can transform into a giant sword or a bow.

  6. Yo Gaijin ~ its me again ~
    still rmb me ? im the MG Gouf Ver 2.0 guy which asking u about the tamiya TS prob ~
    and i just finish the Blue Metallic on Gouf , love it ~

    My next target would be this MG ARF too ~
    looks like we having a same taste ~

    Mind i ask u , do u have Red Metallic before ?
    Hows the tone goin ? planning to have it on MG ARF ~

  7. Hi Kellefe,

    I looked into the Tamiya Metallic Red when I was debating colour choices for the ARF. I wanted something darker so I had to use two different colours to get the effect I wanted.

    Glad to hear you like your results on the Gouf. I definitely would like to see how it turned out. Got some pics?

  8. ya ~ but i do not own a blog ~ so u might need my messenger or anything ~

    do u mind to share ur messenger over here ?
    like MSN , or yahoo messenger ~

    Due to i'm also a Tamiya Spray Can user ~ we have alot of issue can be discussed ~

    Btw ~ i already tried to Metallic Red , It comes out abit darker tone which im not expecting ~ overall still ok and love it ~

  9. Hi Kellefe,

    I do have msn messenger but I rarely use it these days as I am very busy. I definitely want to see your work, though. If you want, email me some pics at studious_ninja(at)hotmail . com

    I could even post them in my blog here for others to see if you don't mind.


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