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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sinanju Gallery 1

The first part of the Sinanju Gallery.

This pic set was taken under the darker light setup. Next gallery will see it under a brighter set up. I wanted to show how the paint changes depending on lighting sources. Enjoy the


  1. That is such a nice paint job. I can see why you were being so prescious with it.

    Wow. I'm stunned. It really is a fantastic work. I can see where hours went into decalling.

    It is indeed a work of precision. Only that you've taken such great photos am I able to look so
    closely and find the tiniest flaws, and only if I'm retardedly anal about it, and then only like - ...two.

    Everything is so perfectly aligned and positioned. The paint is near flawless.

    The orange beam sabers look great with it.

    Wow. You must be exhausted and proud. Deservedly so.

    I'm surprised at the quality and level of skill all of you guys have demonstrated for this GB.

    It has been inspirational. Hats off.

  2. it is something else! i like the i dont give a f pose and the bazooka/shield shots. well done. i've really warmed up to the yellow. it does kind of look like a bird sometimes with those wings.


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