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Monday, June 28, 2010

Now with More Plamo!

Gaijin Gunpla is the title of this blog, and also has become somewhat of a nickname for me by the online Gundam model community, however, there is more to Plamo than just Gunpla, as I am finding out.

And I am branching out!

I was asked to put together the new Wave 1/20 scale Ma.K. Snowman as a blog entry on the site, and of course, because I will do whatever it takes to help my company succeed, I agreed to build a plastic model kit.

My co-worker, who has never built a plastic model kit in his life, really liked the look of this machine and picked up the kit for himself. He asked me the basics of building and I have been offering him hints on what tools he would need and what to do and not do when building a kit. He then asked me, "Can you make it look like this?"

And so the challenge has been made, the gauntlet thrown down, the bet placed.

Let's see what I can do!


  1. whoa! thats a lot of work compared to Gunpla. All the best dude!

    btw you might want to check this site ;)

  2. Good luck with that ...^^

  3. Looks like something FichtenFoo ( might have done ;) Awesome looking model, btw.

  4. @bloggermathai: Thanks for the link! I'll definitely have to check out out!

    @Anonymous: thanks!

    @igro: those guys on fichtenfoo are inspirations! I hope to one day have half of their skills.

  5. Hey GaiGun is that your Maschinen Krieger Snowman in the banner ad on HLJ?

  6. hey Tonzo. No, that is the one from the image on the product page. I wanted mine to look like that. I got close.

  7. Just leave it outside next time it rains. That should deal with most of that grungie look


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