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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things are starting to come together

The masking on the fuel-canisters (or whatever they are) turned out perfectly. No touch up necessary. I have taken my .02 copic marker and drawn in the panel lines. I will decal once I decide how it should look.

I need to apply some primer to the shoulders and then I am set. To remove the panel lines I had to assemble the shoulders, fill the seams, then sand and use mr surfacer for any errors. It turned out well, but I am refraining from posting any pictures until I unveil the colours because I had to prepaint some parts of it before assembly.


These thrusters brought to you by Australian Blu-tack!



  1. Those thrusters are really something special. Congrats. Can't wait for the big unveiling!

    Do I spy a Unicorn?

  2. I think you spy the Unicorn Gatlings. But don't fear, I do have plans to do the MG Unicorn. I may pick up the Titanium Finish version, but I did want to paint it and I don't know how paint would work on the titanium finish.

  3. dont do it man. if you're going to paint just get the regular one. its cheaper and i think that titanium finish would require a lot of extra work and prep time just to get the paint to work on it. that version is for people who DONT want to paint it.

  4. Yeah BB is right, just get the reg. ver.

    Nice job on the thrusters. You are getting better & better with all the detailing work.

  5. mmm. I m not sure if Im double posting. internet here really bad. I got word that the bazooka arrived yesterday back at home. thanks!
    By the way, does evil cow forums work ? Its been down for a few days for me. thanks =S


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