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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gaijin Gunpla's Quick Guide to Wet Sanding

Why wet sand?

There a few good reasons put forward. It helps to keep dust to a minimum. It keeps the sandpaper cleaner so you don't risk scratching what you are sanding. Here I will explain my method of wet sanding. I discovered it almost accidentally and it has worked very well. Or at least, in the state I was in at the time I thought it worked well.

Step 1:

Open the refrigerator and take out your can of beer. This part is very important. Not only is it beer (!) but it is the source of your moisture for wet-sanding. By this I mean the beer should be nice and cold, it should also preferably be delicious and not alcohol-free. Condensation on the outside of the can is what you are looking for here.

Step 2:

Place the beer onto your sandpaper. You can leave it here for a short time while some of the condensation cascades down the can onto the paper.

Step 3:

Pick up your beer can, take a nice long drink, and then place it somewhere else. (but keep it close at hand in case you need some more.. moisture.) With the hand that held the beer can, pick up the part of the model you will be sanding. The moisture from the can has now been transferred to the plastic via your hand.

Step 4:

With your free hand pick up the sandpaper and start sanding. See.. wasn't that easy?

You will notice that the longer you do this method, the better you think you are becoming.

And there you have it.

Now for some bling!


  1. Is it okay to have beer even if I'm not sanding? Will I also think I'm doing whetever it is I'm doing, right?

  2. With beer, you will always think whatever you are doing is right.

  3. this... is't just briliant, so that's how genius is born...

    actualy I was "using" a lot of beer when modeling and I gotta say - the truth has been spoken :D

  4. Ahaha! A true moment of genius!

    I'm scared to drink and gunpla... I've done it before and thought I was breaking new ground when in fact I was creating more sober work for myself fixing my beer work.

  5. Quick question, what is the benefit of using beer as oppose to just water?

  6. Beer for you and moisture for the wet-sanding. It is win-win for all involved!

  7. but the real question is... will this work with HAPPOSHU?! haha

  8. I don't know if I could fit that in my refrigerator.


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