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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Preliminary results

The black and gold masking has been done leaving only touch-up. I think I should do a panel wash for the touch up but I have to make sure the enamel I have is a gloss black and not a matt black.
This is how I ended up masking the front chest plate. I have painted on the black and will pull off the masking tomorrow.
I also tried out the shield masking technique using the foil stickers. I had already primed the shield...

... and given it a coat of semi-gloss black...

...then a coat of Mr. Color Gold... ...then top-coat...
..then masking using foil-stickers. With easy pull tabs!

And this is what it looked like after the foil stickers were pulled away.

Not too bad, I think. However, when using some thinner to try and clean up some of the black I ended up taking more paint off than I wanted. So.. I started all over again... I will try the masking and final coat tomorrow if the weather holds.

And the bazooka is finished! I will post a couple of shots here and they will have to do until I can get the bazooka into the photo booth at work.

And I also spent another two hours on decals! Yikes. This is turning into tedium. However, I still like how it is turning out so I can't stop now. Soon, all will be revealed!


  1. So masking with foil sticker works? If this is so, I can try this method too.

    And for a second there, I thought I saw that your custom color scheme was green zaku color. But that was actually the black color on shield.

    Nice job on the bazooka.

  2. That bazooka is looking fantastic!


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