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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mono a Mono with the Mono-eye

These titles doing anything for ya?

I am hoping to use the Dark Green mono-eye and housing and I test fitted it on the head frame this evening.. Looks nice.

But, like Tonzo pointed out before...
You can't see it when the head is assembled! What to do?

Hack! Hack!
What have I done? Actually, I saw this technique in an older issue of Dengeki Hobby (or was it Hobby Japan). These little vulcans will be painted separately from the rest of the helmet and go on like so.

And the faceplate will go on the bottom of the frame like this.

And this is more or less what the Mono-eye will look like once completed. Some adjustments might need to be made.

Now.. I really need sleep!


  1. Nice work with the head. I like the new monoeye. And I think sawing out the vulcan cannon is a good idea to paint another color.

    You are working pretty fast there.

  2. genius! i should have done that! yeah i agree. you're going pretty quick! or maybe we're just slow?!

  3. Nice! I'll be taking a leaf from that book and trying something similar.

    Mano-A-Mono-Eye works for me.. XD


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