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Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi Nu Gundam Gallery

Hi Nu Gundam! (or is it Hi-V Gundam?)


  1. Professional shots again! Nice.

    Quick question... when you took these photos at work. What kinda light are you pointing at the gundam? I want to know the setup, so that I can also take better photo. Do you use flash or not? Thanks.

  2. Nice shots. That shot with the grey background - does the light in your work setup have a colour filter or is it a different piece of paper?

    I spy a clothes pin in a few of those :P

    It's unfortunate that you couldn't get more poses out of it, I'm guessing due to the issues with the stand and the leg mod?

    Did you take the shots yourself?

    The grey works nicely on the blue BG. Last shot is my fave.

  3. GG: I will try to get a pic of the photo setup we have here at work. That should answer your questions better than my explanations.

    Tonzo: You are correct. Posing was really difficult with the modifications to the lower leg I have done. It seems to stand on its own fine but action poses might be too risky.

    I definitely won't be doing any crazy modding to the Sinanju as I want to make sure it is very posable.

    I did take the shots myself. I still need practice using a camera for Gunpla shots.


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