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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A slight GOUF with the paint.

This is my tribute to Lupes and his Blue Berserker. I made no secret of my love for the Mica Blue he used on his Sinanju and was waiting for an opportunity to give it a try myself. After completing the build of the Gouf 2.0 I was less than satisfied with the original light blue colour for the armour so I decided I would paint. At least the light blue parts... Blue Mica! with some Mica Silver Trim!

Blue Mica body parts! (shot in the evening in a less than adequately lit room.)

and the weapons.

The Blue Mica actually sprayed darker than I thought it would. I was originally intending to paint only the light blue armour parts as I didn't really like the colour to begin with. However, because the Blue Mica sprayed dark, it was almost the same colour as the darker armour parts. If I left it at that it would mean I had a one colour scheme Gouf. No!

Hmm... What do I do? My solution: Spray the darker armour parts with semi gloss black and then paint over that with the Blue Mica. The result?


became this:

and this:becomes this:
Oh yeah!

I spent a lot of time building this at the kitchen table with my daughter. She likes to get her hands on my decal scissors and try to cut things. Gundam is fun, isn't it, sweetie?

I only had limited time so for the last four days I woke up at 6am and did what decaling I could until sweetie woke up at 7. It still turned out looking good though. Here's some sneak shots until I can get to work and Gallery it up!What's next?

Friday, January 29, 2010

RX-78-2 Ver 2.0 (Clear) Mini-Gallery

As I don't know yet what will be done with this guy, I will only show a few shots that I took the other day. Luckily the clear part runner in this kit contained enough pieces that he could be made symmetrical.

Comparison with the RX-78-3 Ver 2.0

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RX-78-3 Gallery

(decal on elbow armour added by me.)

(I see you.)

The small dark triangles on the beam saber handles were added by me using the dry transfers that came with the kit. You can see I used some Clear Orange on the clear parts on that lance as well. Transparency is boring in gunpla unless you have cool frame action going on underneath.

On the gun you can see the piece that was painted silver to give it more depth.

I think this is proof you can build a good looking MG kit without sanding or painting.