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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RX-78-3 Gallery

(decal on elbow armour added by me.)

(I see you.)

The small dark triangles on the beam saber handles were added by me using the dry transfers that came with the kit. You can see I used some Clear Orange on the clear parts on that lance as well. Transparency is boring in gunpla unless you have cool frame action going on underneath.

On the gun you can see the piece that was painted silver to give it more depth.

I think this is proof you can build a good looking MG kit without sanding or painting.


  1. indeed a real nice job.
    i like the elbow armor, havent seen that before.
    nice and clean build as it should be.

  2. You did a quick and nice job on all your recent kits. I especially like the Gouf with so many clear parts to it.


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