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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Real Gundam! in SD! it's not quite real. Or, even less real than the real Gundam.

Another day over 35 degrees. In this heat I am reluctant to step outside unless it is completely necessary, which means I need to come up with fun activities to keep myself and Gaijin Gunpla Jr. busy throughout the day so we don't just waste away watching television. Of course, there are lot of things I could be doing, and many things I should be doing, but most are not something a child could do. I noticed the 1/1 Real Gundam Project SD kit that I picked up when the four horsemen of the apocalypse, I mean, the four bloggers (of the apocalypse?) visited the 1/1 Gundam in Shizuoka on the top of the pile this morning and decided that it would be a good way to waste, I mean spend, half an hour or more.

Here are what you would regularly find inside this SD RX-78-2 Ver G30th box.

And here are the additions.
The blue stand on which the Shizuoka Gundam can be found standing, a nice background with Mt. Fuji (visible from Shizuoka?), and the Gundam decals.

The markings are the same type that were found in the new Real Grade kit. An upgrade over the normal type of Gundam sticker. However, this being an SD, these markings are very tiny. Yikes!

I won't go into the details of the build because it's and SD and there's not much to it. This, however, was not something I had encountered before.

Here's our completed kit. I actually put the markings on after Gaijin Gunpla Jr was in bed, but I did leave on the foil stickers the way she had put them on.
Look at that! She took the black stickers that were left over after you pulled of the eye sticker and put them on the kit, symmetrically! My genes, baby. I'm proud of her.

Here's a closer look at the markings. As this was built for Jr. I didn't bother to take my time with them but rather slapped them on quickly.
In other news...


  1. That Wing Gundam looks amazing.

  2. LOL bloggers of the apocalypse! love it! haha too funny. your daughter did a great job! never seen decals for a sd before... wing is looking really good too!

  3. Nice job on the Wing Gundam. I am currently working on the MG G undam Mk. II ver. 2.0 myself.

  4. ohhhh u got wing gundam nice and props to ur daughter

  5. Your daughter is gonna grow up to be an awesome Gunpla modeler ^_^b

    Design-wise, I think that's the nicest SD RX-78-2 I've seen partly because of the included markings.

    Your MG Wing does look professionally done. Are those Ver. Ka markings I see on it? :D

  6. Haha.. Clever girl!

    Look forward to the pro shoot of the wing.

  7. Woo~ that wing looks great, and I expect there are LED inside its green chest

  8. @Nekture: Thanks a lot. Hopefully it looks just as good in better quality images.

    @Buster: Well, we have the Knights Gunplar and now the Bloggers of the Apocalypse. I wonder what's next.

    @Gshock: The Mk. II 2.0 is a kit I've had my eye on recently, after completed the Musha Mk. II. Looks like a solid kit.

    @Asian1skill: Thanks!

    @Z: If my daughter becomes a top modeler, I'll be happy. If she grows up to be one of the half japanese/half foreign women who are always on television, I'll be happier.

    @Tonzo: The gallery for the Wing will be up in a week or so.

    @mangyver5223: An LED? I didn't even think of that! I bet it wouldn't be too difficult to do, either. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time.

  9. @Gaijin Gunpla: Almost done with the Mk. II 2.0. Just have to finish the left leg and torso. I am amazed at the difference compared to the original MG Mk II. Next up is the MG Zeta 2.0. BTW, how do you paint the eyes on your pramodels?

  10. MG Zeta 2.0? I wasn't a big fan of the look of that mobile suit but the model really looks intriguing. I think it's one that will produce a good result without having to go to a large amount of work. Of course, it will look awesome with some 'changes' as well.

    I actually don't paint the eyes on my model kits (although I should give it a try). I use the sticker. I did, however, use Aurora stickers for the eyes of the V Gundam because the marking sticker was partly red which didn't match the intended color of my kit.

  11. Great post! Bloggers of the Apocalypse...Epic.

    I like that SD 1/1 Gundam... I think I would probably sell my limited edition loots, since everyone is asking for them. =(

    That Wing Gundam at the end looks mighty good. I will soon start on a gunpla project myself... finally.

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