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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The most beautiful Kshatriya ever

I just want to encourage everyone to head on over to fellow Gunplar, Igro's blog and check out his latest work. It's amazing!

It sure looks a lot like The Yellowbird, ね。 I think the amount of little details he added to this suit sees his Kshatriya surpass the Yellowbird when it comes to yellow awesomeness.



  1. It appears you have a protogee, sensei =)

    Beautiful Kshatriya. I tip my hat to that.

  2. /me blushes
    You are being too kind, Sensei ;)
    I wish this was a 1/100 scale (although, Kshatriya is huge nevertheless) and we could somehow do some photos of these kits together :D

  3. >> Zircor: HA Good One!

    It kinda looks like the Yellow Bellpeppers though

  4. You're Syd Syked from HobbyLinkYTV aren't you?

  5. what a cool kshatriya. What scale is that its big!

  6. @gnsquacker: Indeed I am. In this day and age, with social networking and sites like facebook and twitter, etc., it's hard to remain anonymous. I don't mind people knowing who I am though.

    @luigi: That is the regular HGUC kit which is 1/144 scale. That's one big HG!


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