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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Musha Mk-II Gallery

Here he is, the Musha Mk-II Gundam! This kit saw my first real attempt at using epoxy putty, with better than anticipated results, as well as the use of aftermarket parts.

Frame: Tamiya TS-26 Pure White - I wanted this to represent the clothing that the samurai would wear underneath their armour.
Armour: Tamiya TS-29 Semi Gloss Black, TS-4 German Gray, TS-30 Silver Leaf, TS-46 Light Sand

Decals: Used sparingly. Anything white is the official Bandai waterslides while provided the silver decals which I used on the emblems.
Other: Kotobukiya Mesh Pipe and Wave Springs

Here's the pic I used on which I based my design and colour scheme.

Here are a couple of comparison shots to show the work done to this kit before painting began.

You can see where I puttied to fill in one of the gaps on the feet. I then used decals to make it look like a cord so it would resemble geta, or japanese footwear.

And here's what I did to the tsuba and the sageo (rope) that affixes the tachi to the mobile suit.
And yes, that knot is tied correctly and it took some time to do it. Damn my big hands!


  1. Holy Cow!!! I have to admit, this is one of the better Musha mk-II that I've seen to date. I like it a lot. Good choice on all the mods, aftermarket parts & paint scheme.

    The head is very imposing with the color scheme, reminds me a lot of Darth Vader. And the shinny silver + gold is a great contrast to the black color. Dude this is your best production yet. I like it!

  2. btw... I hope you don't mine. But I like your kit so much that I post a link on my blog to share this nice piece of work with others.

  3. Damn man, damn. I'm speechless. You have once again raised the bar. I think you'll go far if you enter it into this years Dengeki gunlpa grand prix.

  4. Holy cow, sick nasty! This thing looks slick as hell. Black works so well on this bad boy, and you did a hella good job mixing up the gold and silver. Mad ups.

  5. this is great! That why I salute you always :) . BTW, don't want to get RG?

  6. i'v been waiting for your work complete.. and this is awesome.. like the color scheme so much.. yeah man.. changing the dark blue to black is really a.. should.. haha

  7. Fantastic work! I could see this kit winning a competition.

  8. Whoa! I love the details and paint combo!
    The geta,tsuba and the sageo are really nice touches! I didnt like the Musha when I first saw it coz it had too much bling but this is awesome!

  9. DUDE
    i dont know what to say
    this is what my goal to end up as
    popping out projects like this
    but for now, paintjobs will have to cut it for me

  10. Now *this* is a Musha Mk-II I can hostly say I like :) Great job!

  11. Well now I feel that my Shin Musha pails in comparison! You my friend have knocked this one out of the park!

  12. Very nice Musha ! Cool mods. Black looks good for this mecha. It's like lacquers japnese armor. I'm realy fan of the result. Congrats man!

  13. @G.G. : Thanks for the comments. It means a lot to me coming from an experienced modeler such as yourself. You're not the first person to mention the Darth Vader resemblance. As for best work, I dunno, I'm still partial to the Yellowbird. Thanks for the link in your blog. I am humbled.

    @ASM : thanks! I'll look into entering the Dengeki comp. I have the latest Dengeki hobby and saw it in there.

    @lupes : Black does work well on this guy, as evidenced by the Fang Musha. I skipped the rifle though and used the gold pieces originally meant for the rifle on the front of the legs.

    @mangyver5223 : I've got the RG and will be getting on it sometime soon. I've already built one so I'm not as keen to start on it yet.

    @seven6398 : welcome to the blog. I originally thought of doing it in a dark blue which would allow me to do subtle panel-lining but the black won out. I am glad I went with it.

    @hiroy_raind: Let's hope you're right!

    @bloggermathai: I also felt it had too much bling and also that the gold parts didn't line up well. The silver definitely is more subdued. The sageo took some time but works well without effecting the articulation too much.

    @gnsquacker: Thanks for the praise. Just keep building and painting and you'll be up there in no time. This is really the first kit I did extensive modding to.

    @igro: That comment means a lot to me. Thanks!

    @Tember Gunpla: I like your Shin Musha! The Shin Musha is the first Gundam kit I ever built. Wow, seems like so long ago. Come to think of it, I used the Silver Leaf on the Shin Musha too. Those two have a bit of a "pair-look" going on. Maybe i'll take some shots of them together.

    @mikiwank: Thanks for the kind words. My goal was to make it look like Japanese armor so I'm glad that people are thinking that when they view the kit.

  14. Could've sworn I left a comment detailing how great I thought this was the other day? Anyway outstanding work. Easily my fave Musha MkII yet. Significant effore has gone into historical accuracy and I think I admire that the most, as well as your ability to take on a challenge and make it look like you've done it all before.

  15. love it omg the black and silver look so good together gj

  16. I Would LOVE to learn from you for a day
    I'm considering making a SD Unicorn The way Keita does: using parts from the HGUC Version
    I'm not sure
    or just paint my already existing HGUC destroy mode

  17. The black and silver really worked on this one. Excelent work. You wouldn't mind if I look at your work for future reference would you? And maybe feature them in my blog?

  18. @Tonzo: it seems that Blogspot has been eating some of the comments. I get a mail each time someone posts one so I read them there, but then don't see them on the blog.

    @Asian1skill: thanks!

    @gnsquacker: I don't know if there is much for me to teach. Most everything I do is written down in this blog. If someone can use it to improve their gunpla skills than I would be very pleased and honored.

    @heavymetalkid: By all means, use whatever you need. And, yes, use them for your blog if you like. Great job on the Shin Musha, btw!

  19. -wat do u use in paint??? brush or spray?? and wat type of paint?


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