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Friday, May 22, 2009

More ...err.. adjustments.

Looks like someone else has made some adjustments as well.

The head straight out of the box has little space for the eyes, I think.

With my ..err.. adjustments I have widened that area allowing for larger eyes. I will also add some plastic to the brim of the helmet.

Here's a test build of the torso.

Is this what GG and others were warning me about? As I planned to expand the chest this shouldn't be a problem. Shouldn't.

First step was to add some plastic bringing out the vents or whatever those things are.

This already seems to cover up some of that gap. Once the glue dries I will rebuild it to see where I am at.

Hopefully I glued everything symmetrical. Lots more cutting and using glue to go. Tomorrow morning I hope to paint some pieces too. The last build saw me paint everything at the end but this time I think I will paint a little bit at a time. I think this build will take me at least 2 months as I am back and forth with it.

Also, I %(&"ed up the legs already. I shall hold off ordering parts from Bandai until I see how many more pieces I will screw up.

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