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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time for the panel wash

With the painting part finished, the next step is the panel lining. But before panel lining and decaling one must apply a gloss top-coat to protect your paint. A gloss top coat also allows you to remove any mistakes with your panel line/decal easily.

I decided I wanted to try a panel wash on this model. To panel wash I took out my black enamel and enamel thinner and mixed them together to get the black a consistency of water. Very runny. Then by taking my brush and touching it to the panel line, the enamel mixture flowed through the creases. Afterward I just took a cotton swab dabbed in enamel thinner to remove the extra run-off.
On the silver on the feet you can see the black circles. This is the result of my panel wash. You can also see my grey panel wash that didn't turn out as well as the black.

Here you can see the black lines on the shoulers. You can also see the decals.

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