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Friday, April 24, 2009

Optimal prime

Lame title I know, but it got your attention. I have finished priming of my Gandamu in preparation for painting. The end is in sight. Just have to paint, top coat, panel line, decal, and final topcoat. Well I thought I saw the end, but...

Another function of priming is showing blemishes and areas that need attention. There are a few areas on my panel lines that, after priming, I noticed and am not satisfied with. I will have to putty the panel lines over and scribe again. Anyways, here's the pics.


  1. looks pretty good to me. thats f91? not really a big fan of it but you make it look good!

  2. Thanks! It is the F91. I picked it up because I needed a kit to practice my panel lines and such on. The kit was pretty cheap and has a lot of flat surfaces so it was an easy choice. I am not such a big fan of the design but at least it comes with the Lafressa (or whatever that things is called) so I can do a bit of a diorama.


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