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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lafressia pt.2

Had a day off today and spent it painting the white pieces. Well, I only managed to paint about half of the white pieces. I underestimated how the primer would show through one coat and ended up doing two or three coats on several pieces. As a result, I went through both of my cans of Mr. Color Grand Prix White. I will have to get some more on Friday and finish the rest. As I ran out of paint, I spent the evening working on the Lafressia or whatever that thing is called. (I actually just finished watching the Gundam F91 movie so now I know what this strange this is... sorta).

I had previously gloss coated it so tonight I just did a panel wash with my gray enamel. It ran pretty good, and there are some mistakes but as I am not really concerned with how perfect this part becomes I can let some things slide. Note: I have yet to hand-paint any of these little figures that come with the gundams. One day.. one day..


  1. what type of paint did u use for the red part? Whats your ratio for the wash? I make mistake doing washes all the time, and gets quite messy.

  2. I didn't use any paint for the red part. I just used some red gundam marker where I cut the sprue off. I don't really have a ratio. What I do is drop some enamel into a tray and use an eye-dropper to drop in the thinner until it gets a watery consistency. Too thick and it doesn't run, but too thin and it runs everywhere. This became a little messy but a paper towel with some enamel thinner wipes away most of the mess.

  3. nice way to minimize paint work with just using marker over the sprue cut part.

    Is definitely a nice wash.


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