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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GN-X Gallery

Kit: MG GN-X

You can read my review of this kit at the bottom of this entry.

I wanted to like this kit. It looked cool. And for the most part, I did enjoy the build as it was quite different from any MG I have built before. However, this kit has a major problem which cannot be ignored; the looseness of the joints. To put it bluntly, this thing can't really stand up on its own anymore. I was hoping to get some good action shots for the gallery, but it was a struggle just to get it to stay on its feet. When the ankle and knee joints were able to support it, the hip joints would fail and it would inevitably topple backwards due to the wait of its tail. Also the funky looking, insect-wing fins pop off easily. Far too easily, in fact. When trying to position its legs for a photo, the wings would simply fall off and lie on the table. As I mentioned previously, the build was enough to keep my interest, and the look is unique so points there. The fact that Bandai included a large amount of dry-transfers is also a plus in my books. Unfortunately, it loses a lot of marks for simply feeling so fragile and weak.


  1. Gosh you are fast in building your kits these days. I am quite amazed, and the quality of your work is consistently good as well.

  2. Thanks G.G.! I went through about 3 or 4 MG's where I did minimal painting and panel lining, but they turned out better than I expected. I think I will slow the pace down again and take my time on the next few.

  3. I'm not normally a fan of Gundam 00 kits, but your GN-X is pretty sleek looking. Very futuristic.

  4. yea it looks nice but very disappointed about the joints and stuff but its all good nice job =D

  5. Looks really nice mate. Great job! Shame about the joints. That's a nice looking rifle! The pics with the beam sabres usually don't do it for me but in this instance they are my faves.


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