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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm in!

In a big way!
I just finished watching the Gundam Unicorn Anime and all I can say is, "Holy $&%#!"

Of course, I already like the Mobile Suit designs from the series having built the Unicorn and Sinanju but what most caused my jaw to drop, and have me instantly hooked on Gundam anime, was seeing the Kshatriya in action. That thing is awesome! The model kit was my first exposure to that suit and I thought it looked big and cumbersome. Man, was I totally wrong. That thing is awesome!

For its size and weight this thing can maneuver. Now I want to build that kit!

I pledge allegiance to Gundam, and the anime on which the kits are based, one whole-lotta-awesome, indescribable, with epic and mecha for all.


  1. i'm kinda glad that you've started watching anime. I mean, original color schemes are great, but it's also fun to make your kits look anime accurate with some background settings. i'm quite sure you'll do an excellent job on the Kshatriya too.

  2. ^ + Glad you're in. Things will make more sense to you I think. Unfortunately what also happens is exactly what happened with the Kshatriya... You see it in action and want to build it. Also, no other previous series you watch will look as sweet as Unicorn, be prepared for this.

  3. Welcome to the "club" hahaha...

    I fall in love with Kshatriya too after watching the anime.

    I am looking forward to your build of Kshatriya, I'm sure you will do a fantastic job on that kit. :)

  4. The thing that impress me the most in the first episode is the Grunt mechas like Lotos or Stark Jegan put up really good fight unlike previous gundam series where they served as cannon fodder only.

    Hope the future OVAs will be as good as this one, the 2nd episode is coming out soon isn't it?

  5. @Anonymous: I think I will have to watch a lot more of the anime to be able to make a kit accurate. Another reason to watch, ne.

    @busterbeam: It feels like home.

    @Tonzo: I am aware there will be a drop off from Unicorn. I've already watched a few episodes of 0083 and Seed. Both are pretty solid.

    @Vamp: Ya, falling in love is a good way to put it. I want that kit now!

    @Yami: I've heard the term cannon-fodder used quite often when talking of the GMs and things like that. I can see what they were talking about somewhat.

  6. Welcome to the club buddy!!! If Gundam UC couldn't get you to watch gundam animes I don't know what would. And now, being so close to the release of the 2nd episode.... be ready to drop your jaw again. =D

    I also recommend you to watch Gundam 0083 OVA, it contains only 13 episodes. But is just as freaking awesome as Gundam UC and faster pace too.

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  8. Haven't seen it but will. XD! By the way, you might want to check this out. It's the SD version of Banshee and Unicorn by Keita. Here's the link.

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