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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Slowly but surely

The title pretty much sums it up. With the inconsistent weather and the large number of pieces that need to be prepped, (primed), painted, and coated I have been chugging along. I would guess that I am about halfway through the build now.

Things finished:

*Frame is painted and flatcoated.

*main body armour and head is painted and for the most part topcoated in prep for decal work.

*Rifle has had the panel lines removed and is painted. Waiting to topcoat.

*Assembly of frame with psycho frame is as far along as it can be before needing to add armour.

I have some bits and pieces to show (off).

The results of the masking on the shield part:

The pieces that make up the ankle joint:Why did I do that?

So it looks like this:
I really like my gundam to have moving parts that stand out. That's why I am usually painting pistons and levers and things of the like.

Things left to be done:

*Paint the bazooka. (There will be masking.)

*Decal (everything)

*Paint and top coat the leg armour.

*Cut, sand, and paint the hands.

*Mask the shield for the next stage of painting

*Panel line (everything)

*Modify the feet. (I bought some milliput and I want to give that a try. If it fails I will be ordering some replacement pieces from Bandai). (and I still don't know what color the feet will be; Olive Drab to match the backpack? Gunship Grey to match the rifle? Black? Red?.. Red??)

After writing this I will have to reevaluate my position and state that I do not think I am halfway finished.

Back to the gunpla!


  1. The painting/airbrushing on this thing is INSANE!
    Kudos on your patiences & colour selection.
    Very nice.

  2. @Rafys78: Thanks for the kind words. All I am using is Tamiya spray cans. One day.. One day.. I will join the airbrush guild.

    @moemoekyun: all in the spirit of good fun!


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