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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lukas Strike Gallery

Check out more pictures of the Lukas Strike in Gallery #2!

and you thought I was done...


  1. Excellent! I'd like some more aggressive poses but this thing is extremely badass regardless. I would have went for a more metallic blade colour tho. it looks like its made of stone or ceramic to me. and if you have muddy weathering on the feet i feel you should have some shots with it standing on the ground instead of in the air. the attention to detail is top notch tho along with the execution and colour choice. superior weathering and battle damage. i think this model would look very good just standing in a 'standby' pose. it really does look like a war machine. well done. its a good model to retire on if thats still your intention.

  2. I will probably get around to taking some more pictures of this thing as I agree with your thinking. Now if only it could stand up on its own.

  3. wicked man i sitll love da damages u did like on da shield and stuff im probably gonna do more with dat except moving frm hg's to mg's soon enough wen i find da kit i want to use lol will probably be awhile since im busy with skool though and im kinda broke hahaha

  4. Very nice man, I'm impressed as always by your attention to detail. Also, took the pictures at home? Looking really good there too, guess we've all improved on our picture taking this year!


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